A very early photo of Adam

A very early photo of Adam

Adam is the first born son of the descendants of ancient Celtic nobility. He had the misfortune to be born in the soggy isles of Great Britain, but fortunately was kidnapped at an early age by Aboriginal gypsies and spirited away to the sunny shores of Orstralia. After growing up on the northern beaches of Sydney, he cannot surf, does not have bleached blonde hair, and seldom even has a tan.

He was placed in a variety of educational institutes and despite escaping all of them alive, he still does not know the words to the "The Happy Wanderer", nor how to spell neccessary. After being ejected from university, he began a promising career in the brothel keeping and pornography business, but shamefully strayed into the seedy world of the computer industry. He failed miserably in his position of systems programmer when he bought a suit and shaved his beard off. A succession of sleazy IT jobs means he now knows about topics as diverse as object technology, internetworking, and fettling. Perhaps even worse, he has admitted in public that he also has skills in marketing and sales.

He lives with Bear (her real name is physically impossible to pronounce) in a house east of Sydney and maintains mistresses throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. He is available for weddings, parties and contracts, provided he is supplied with suitable quantities of red wine, Guinness and fried cheese.

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