My original site, done for the experience and to combine several interests. The Australian Motorcycle Buyers Guide needs some serious revision - I must get around to that one day.


A site I did late in the evenings (after some suitable lubrication) for a business I have some interest in. If you need your laundry done and you live north of the bridge in Sydney give Helping Hand a call and they’ll sort you out.


My mate Paul Cramley and his father run a reefer ship broking business (no, it’s not what you think). Check out A P Cramley & Co if you have a refrigerated cargo ship and you need a few thousand tonnes of apples to fill it up, or if you need someone to take your bananas to Paraguay.


Oh yeah, my company Southern Cross Systems has the usual brochure type web site. That’s another one I must update soon, although a recent spring clean has tarted it up a bit.


Now this one’s a bit more fun, my very good friends at PWC Marine import a whole range of toys for us big boys - personal watercraft, jet boats, all terrain vehicles, and who knows what next!


Cheap and cheerful Multisales (the site, not them) needed a web presence to promote their Y2K fix-it product. A good example of what can be done for very little money - come to think of it they never did pay me for it!


A while ago I started off a site for my mates at Vertechs, and they’ve since gone on to maintain it themselves. I’m particularly fond of the picture of their world headquarters, and the secret page that details their key personnel.


So, you went in to hospital for a tonsillectomy and they chopped off you left leg? You need Charlton Shearman - Health Lawyers. These folks have been so successful in the field of malpractice litigation, that now doctors are also retaining them for defence.


Sensible Stuff

Blundering aimlessly round the net? Try Yahoo, Excite, Altavista, Anzwers, Hotbot, for web pages, or Deja News for news groups.


Latest results and news for the footy, the footy, the footy or the cricket.


The Internet Movie Database solves those “where have we seen her before” type questions, and a whole heap more.


Software from TUCOWS, Download.com, Shareware.com, Winfiles, and Jumbo.


Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Uh oh, sounds like the bullshit alarm’s going off again. If you hear it regularly too, you might want to check out the Australian Skeptics, and the Quack Watch pages.


Lets get those aliens! Stop wasting all those CPU cycles on flying toasters, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence @ Home. You might as well, it’s bloody well hard enough to find terrestrial intelligence.



Not So Sensible Stuff


The Exploding Whale. Witness a dead, rotting whale blown to smithereens in living colour!


INTERCAL. The language designed to be Turing-complete but as fundamentally unlike any existing language as possible. Expressions that look like line noise. Control constructs that will make you gasp, make you laugh, and possibly make you hurl. Data structures? We don't need no steenking data structures!


99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, 99 bottle of beer, if one etc. etc.


Joseph Pujol, the Fartiste. “The boy didn't know it at the time, but this unsettling rectal experience at the beach not only indicated no illness, but it also foretold of a gift that would later make him the toast of Paris and one of the most popular and successful performers of his generation...


Rectal Foreign Bodies. Artillery Shell Substantiated! You Found A Bottle Where?


The Unix Haters Handbook. login:


The Retrocomputing Museum is dedicated to programs that induce sensations that hover somewhere between nostalgia and nausea - the freaks, jokes, and fossils of computing history.


Computer Stupidities. Sad but true stories.


Uncle Booger's Bumper Dumper, not just a luxury, it's a necessity. The sad part is, I think this is serious.


Dumbentia. You’ve got to admire the effort this guy puts into his parodies. I quite like the seven deadly motivational posters.


The Darwin Awards commemorate (the remains of) individuals who eliminate themselves in an extraordinarily idiotic manner, thereby dousing our gene pool with chlorine.


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